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Mystical Union Audiobook
In this audiobook recording, listen as author John Crowder reads his newest release, Mystical Union. The gospel is a mystical message, based on an instant and effortless union with God achieved at Christ's cross. When you think of the  cross, do you think of fun? If the answer is "no" then you have not been taught the cross aright. There is a delicious feast prepared for the believer. Nothing is more satisfying than the revelation of what Christ has conclusively accom-plished for you. This book threatens to turn your Christianity upside down. No longer a struggle to please God -- the Truth will plunge you into a celebration of what He has done for you.
*John Crowder narrates the entire, unabridged version in this audiobook*
$19.99 USD

Audio Teachings
John Crowder's Joy Clinic 
Three-Part Extended Teaching Set  
Do you suffer from Religion, Burnout, Boredom, Depression, Unbelief or Legalism? Looking for a quick, easy remedy that seems too good to be true? This is just what the doctor ordered! In this three-part series John lays out a multi-dimensional gospel feast. Covering new creation realities and the joy of the glorious gospel, he addresses the identity of the believer and dispels the theological myth of an angry, schizophrenic God.
$14.99 USD
Contemplating the Mystery 
The Divine Dance of Theology and Contemplation 
Contemplation is the practice of His presence. Christ is the object of our contemplation. Our intersection between the seen and the unseen, the finite and the infinite. Contemplation - as a mode of enjoyment - is never an end in itself. It does not exist if it is detatched from the Person who is contemplated or enjoyed. And theology is not to become mere intellectualism. When Christ is given His place, the scriptures find their place. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD
The Divinity of Humanity 
Immortality and the True Origin of Sonship  
Mankind was breathed from the very substance - the very Pneuma - of God. We find our original identity not in Adam, but in Christ. Created in His image, we existed in His heart and imagination from the foundation of the world. Before we ever fell in Adam, we were found in Christ. But humanity has been in an identity crisis ... only now waking up to the reality of who we always were from His perspective. We are remembering our origin. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD
New Covenant Intercession 
Seeing Prayer Through a Finished Work Perspective 
Prayer is summed up in the Practice of the Presence of God. Mankind is not helping God out in prayer. Rather, prayer is an assertion of our dependence and union in Him. It is about intimacy and relationship, not mere verbal, external exercise. In fact, the scriptures tell us that we have become a prayer - you are an aroma of Christ unto God! Learn the difference between Doing Prayer versus Being Prayer. See prayer through the lens of grace. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD

The Election Series:
Seeing Romans 9-11 Through a New Lens **NEW**
Romans 9-11 contains some of the most difficult and misunderstood concepts ... In this 5-part series, John Crowder shoots religious cows on every side of the debate - cheering up your perspective of God, hell and predestination. Going beyond the Calvinist-Arminian-Universalist debate John presents a strong hope in Christ - the Vicarious Man, who is both Elector and Elected. This is one of our most stretching teaching sets.
$19.95 USD

School of the Cross - 15 hour compendium
Our most extensive teaching set is now available as a digital mp3 audio download! Get more than 16 hours of fresh revelation on new creation realities from John Crowder and Benjamin Dunn. So much is packed into this school, that our normal DVD/CD copies retail at up to $100. But this download version is only a fraction of the price - by far the most bang for your buck - and will keep you or your friends feasting for hours on end!
$29.99 USD

The Seven Spirits of God:
Condensed Audio Teaching
A great companion teaching to John's latest book, Seven Spirits Burning, this  mp3 audio teaching gives a clear, consolidated understanding on the Seven Spirits of God. Drawing from numerous Biblical passages, John gives detailed revelation on the sevenfold, while activating listeners in a dynamic encounter with the presence of God.
$4.99 USD

Drunken Theology 101:
Extended Teaching on the Cross
Get new creation foundations for your bliss as John expands on the revelation of the gospel in this two-hour teaching session from Australia. Tap into the mysticsim of St. Paul, the glorious drink of divine union and the beautiful gift of perfection. This is a powerful summation of finished works theology that will cheer you up, infuse you with joy and transform your understanding of Christianity.
$4.99 USD

Drunken Theology 202:
Questions and Answers
Drunken Theology 202 is a continuation from the Drunken Theology 101 teaching. In this mp3 download, John Crowder tackles hard-hitting and often asked questions regarding the finished work of the cross and many other topics. Taking a rabbinical teaching style, John opens the floor to many common obstacles people face in embracing the full revelation of the happy gospel.
$4.99 USD
Renewing the Mind
Gospel Joy Explosions to the Brain
The renewal of the mind is a happy journey of having our thought life infused with the joy of our salvation and saturated with the revelation of our true identity in Christ. Tired of stupid thinking that produces strife and tension? As we stay plugged into the word of truth, we "know the truth" and the truth sets us free. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD
Raising Family in Grace
The gospel at home with John & Lily
John and Lily Crowder explore the topic of marriage and family life in the grace and glory of God. The gospel radically liberates parents from the stress and fear of religious performance, infusing children with identity and life. This extended teaching features Q&A and practical tips on practicing the presence at home. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD
Manifestation of the Sons of God
Effortlessly shine the supernatural life
All of creation awaits the "revealing" of your sonship. You were created for the supernatural life. Manifesting our divine identity is as effortless as realizing who we really are - adopted heirs entrusted with authority in heaven and earth. John explores our miraculous inheritance in Romans 8 from a finished work perspective. *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD

Hearing God For Dummies
New covenant prophetic insights
Most charismatics think they know everything about the prophetic. But much of the prophetic movement has been derailed in old covenant style future-telling. A new covenant people are emerging who can point backward to the cross, releasing faith for what's already been given to us. Get practical tips on hearing God! *TheNewMystics.TV members already have access to this teaching
$4.99 USD

Freedom From God Pleasing:
Delivered from Religion
We hear much talk in the church about our need to get delivered from man-pleasing. And it is true that many have a fear of man that keeps them enslaved to other people's opinions. But there is a much larger problem in the church than "man pleasing" - it is the problem of "God pleasing." John Crowder tackles this subject head-on, in light of the finished work of the cross.
$4.99 USD
Drink Grace Straight:
Revelations of the Glory
The knowledge of the Glory of God is filling the earth in this hour. Ever wonder what the "knowledge of the Glory" actually is? It is the pure revelation of the gospel. Grace has to be drunk straight. Any mixture of law added to your pure drink of grace, and it ceases to be true grace. Drink deep of the gospel revelation in this teaching!
$4.99 USD
Divine Creativity:
And the Graven Image of the Law
Ever notice that religious folk are usually not creative? Longing for the Spirit of Creativity - the Spirit Himself - to manifest more through your life? Often, what Christian artists deem to be "creative" is really just a dead, copycat repetition of types and shadows. But now, since you are restored to the true image of God in Christ, you can manifest a fresh expression of the divine.
$4.99 USD

The Foolishness of the Cross:
A Stupid Message from a Self-Professed Kindergartner
Many in the supernatural stream try to downplay the concept of the cross as an "elementary teaching" for beginner Christianity. In this mp3 teaching, John Crowder points to the centrality of Christ's cross as the source of our joy and the miraculous. The Wand translation of the New Testament says that the "stupidity" of the cross is a scandal to some and foolishness to others.
$4.99 USD

Easy, Instant Soul Purge
Dispelling the Myths of a Dirty Soul
It is commonly accepted that a Christian is only "positionally" holy. That is, the spirit of a man is pure, but his soul must still undergo a rigorous, lifelong process of cleansing. In this mp3, John Crowder refutes the concept of a
depressive, lifelong purging and brings us back to the ridiculous joy and simplicity of the gospel. Get a fun, religious detox!
$4.99 USD

Harvest Wine
Enjoy God & See Fun, Effortless, Accidental Salvations
Drinking in the love of God is our number one role as believers -- even more important than the Great Commission. In this mp3, John Crowder shares on putting our priorities back in order. By doing the first commandment (loving God), we can effortlessly and enjoyably fulfill the second commandment, which includes loving others and seeing tons of salvations as an easy byproduct.
$4.99 USD
Music Albums

Disco Mystica
Readings from the Church Mystics on Song of Solomon
This electronica album brings us the words of history's greatest mystics as they explored the House of Wine in Song of Solomon. Canticles, is by far the favorite book of the church's mystics, with centuries of meditations and dialogue written on its themes of divine intimacy. Trance out as John Crowder reads their meditations the topic of heavenly inebriation. The compendium of mystic writers include Bernard of Clairvaux, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, John Ruysbroeck, Julian of Norwich, Richard of St. Victor, Madame Jeanne Guyon and many more!
$14.95 USD
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