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Mystical Union

Mystical Union

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Stuff they never told you about the finished work of the cross
by John Crowder
 Sons of Thunder Publications

The gospel is a mystical message, based on an instant and effortless union with God achieved at Christ's cross.

When you think of the cross, do you think of fun?

If the answer is "no" then you have not been taught the cross aright.

There is a delicious feast prepared for the believer. Nothing is more satisfying than the revelation of what Christ has conclusively accomplished for you. This book threatens to turn your Christianity upside down. No longer a struggle to please God -- the Truth will plunge you into a celebration of what He has done for you.

With clear revelatory truths on the New Creation and the scandalous joys of the cross, Mystical Union  promises to be one of John’s most revolutionary, lifechanging works. The happy gospel of grace is about uninterrupted union with the Divine. This book lays out our most core beliefs. It promises to wreck your theology and cheer you up with undeniable Biblical truths on the free gift of perfection.

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