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Cana New Wine Seminary Online

Cana New Wine Seminary Online

$ 350.00

Early Enrollment Opportunity
Enrollment is now open for the 2024-2025 school year for Cana Seminary online. Earlybird tuition discount is now available until October 1 for the Fall 2024 course. Both First Year and Second Year students can purchase tuition on this page. You can also find out more about Cana at

How Does Cana Online Work?
Each week the latest video teaching is unlocked for each student. They then have two weeks to watch the teaching as many times as they would like.

Course Schedule

Below is the current school year's calendar:

2024-2025 School Calendar**
Semester One: 16 Online Video Classes
October 23 - February 19 (includes Holiday break Dec. 19-Jan. 7)
Semester Two: 16 Online Video Classes
March 19 - July 18 (includes Holiday break June 19-July 8)

**The same dates apply for both First and Second-Year students. Cana is a two-year course, and both years are divided into two semesters each (this makes four semesters total). Students must complete both semesters of the First Year course prior to taking the Second Year course (unless you take the Double Course Load option and take both years simultaneously *See details below*)

About Cana Online

Each year, students can purchase the full year tuition, or purchase the two semesters separately.

In order to officially complete and receive a First Year Cana Certificate, students must finish both semesters of the first year.

Only students who pass BOTH First and Second Year (four semesters total) will receive the full Cana Graduation Diploma.

Course Work Covers

- Finished work of the Cross
- Trinitarian Theology
- New Covenant Grace
- Mystical Christianity
- Contemplative Spirituality
- Supernatural Experience

Instructors include John Crowder, Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, Francois du Toit, Rod Williams, Dr. Eric Wilding, Lily Crowder, Matt Spinks and more. See teachers

Pricing for 2024-2025 School Year**

Register early until October 1

1st Semester for Online Students: $325

2nd Semester for Online Students: $325

Full Year for Online Students: $650

Register late until October 23

1st Semester for Online Students: $350

2nd Semester for Online Students: $350

Full Year for Online Students: $700

**Same prices apply whether you are a First or Second-Year student. If you prefer to purchase ONLY first semester of your respective year, you can wait and register for the second semester of that year up until March 19, 2025.

Required Reading & Exams

Upon acceptance of your registration, we will email students a required reading list of six books and a  recommended reading list of 15 more books for further study. Recommended reading is not an absolute prerequisite, but suggested so as to make the most of your time during Cana. Each week's lesson includes web links to a short exam.

The Cana Vision

Cana is where the water of the word is transformed into the wine of contemplative experience. Students, pastors and lay leaders who want a grace immersion are invited to join us for one or two years of theological training and supernatural impartation in an atmosphere of joy unspeakable.  John Crowder is hosting this unique seminary for wild-eyed wonder junkies to be deeply established in the revelation of the Gospel of Grace. Cana offers a unique union  of life-transforming, happy theology woven seamlessly with the intoxicating practice of the presence of God. A place where you will find doctorate level theologians and mystical ecstatics sharing the same platform. Cana is a drunken seminary. A two-year theological circus of fun geared to saturate students with the Living Word - the wine of the New Covenant. Cana's course of study is accessible enough for folks with no theological background, yet deep enough to challenge and train existing pastors and ministers. Whether you want continuing education or an online supplement to your current college or ministry school, Cana promises to deliver groundbreaking revelation for people of all walks of life.  Cana is not geared just for those seeking a preaching career. Cana is for those who authentically desire to plunge into the Message itself – who want a deep, life-changing paradigm shift of the finished work of Christ in an atmosphere of mystical Christianity. Whether you are you called to missions, ministry or simply to life ... Cana is not just a ministry school. It is a Message School.

Course Certificates

Cana students receive a certificate of completion for first year, and become full graduates after completing the second year of study (both years have two semesters each).

Double Course Load

Would you like to finish BOTH years of Cana in just ONE year's time? Simply purchase the Double Course Load option above at the discounted price of $1200. You will have access to First and Second Year videos. Instead of doing one session each week, you will do two videos per week, finishing the entire course in just one year. This option saves students $200 off the total price for both years.

Video Classroom

After you register you will receive an acceptance letter, reading list, course syllabus and student viewership agreement. You will receive a link and password to the online viewing portal. Each week a new video will be unlocked and you will receive an access code for viewing. You will also receive a link to the online exam, which you will complete after each class.

For those that complete both semesters of homework and attendance, they will receive a Cana New Wine Seminary certificate of graduation after the first year. Second year graduates also receive a graduation certificate after the final year of study.

Student Viewership Agreement

All students must strictly pledge not to share the videos or access codes in any way. The only exception is that spouses and family may view the video with the student in person. Each video must be watched within two weeks of receiving the video. The videos can be watched multiple times within that two-week window.

Other Information

Tuition is non-refundable after the Early Bird cutoff of October 1. Your tuition covers teachers' time and research, administration and grading and ongoing support of Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications including ongoing mission endeavors around the world.

You may take the course without doing the required reading and exams, however you will not receive a graduation certificate.

We are not currently offering and scholarships or discounts. This course is already far below any comparable coursework available in the field.

Payment plans
We do not offer any form of payment plans. You can purchase either semester or both together, those are the only options available.

Spouses and families may view the classes with the student in person, but only individual students must sign up separately to graduate. There are no couples discounts. We are not able to lower our per person costs.

All questions regarding Cana Seminary may be directed to


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