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Money. Sex. Beer. God. Audiobook

Money. Sex. Beer. God. Audiobook

$ 19.99

Read by John Crowder Unabridged

In this audiobook recording, listen as author John Crowder reads his brand new release, Money. Sex. Beer. God

Ditching Religion for the Joy of Incarnation

A Biblical Companion to the Happy Life

How Gnostic Dualism Invaded the Church, Killed the Party and Taught You the World was Evil

Religious mindsets of dualism have blinded us to the God-given joys and pleasures of this world. We have often separated our spirituality from earthiness. But did Jesus really condemn all enjoyment of this world? Is God the creator or the enemy of this world's delights?

In this scandalous upcoming book, John Crowder exposes the encroachment of Gnosticism over 2,000 years of church history ... the idea that the natural, material world is somehow evil and at odds with our spirituality. He makes the case that God is pro-party, and that Biblical guidelines of morality are issued to preserve and enhance our joy - never to diminish it. Hitting the most controversial, real-life topics imaginable - money, sex, alcohol and more - Crowder exposes unbiblical religious parameters that have worked against us. Legalisms that, instead of curbing sin, have actually caused it to increase!

In the Incarnation, Jesus Christ baptized the material world -  erasing every notion of separation between the natural and  the divine life.

Experience a life of wholeness, gratitude and recover your appetite for scriptures as you see the Bible through the lens of a happy God.


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