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Exploring the Trinity Video Series

Exploring the Trinity Video Series

$ 25.00

Experience the Divine Embrace

Over the course of three video sessions, take a deep dive into the mystery of the Trinity. At the very core of the Christian faith is the reality that the one God exists eternally in the plurality of three distinct Persons. Relationship is at the heart of God's very Being. But unfortunately, the Trinity gets neglected today, as the church talks about "God" in solitary/singular ways that are completely disconnected from our ancient roots. In fact, modern folk religion has largely minimized or abandoned the Trinitarian faith in so many of its modern, man-made doctrines. Even the Trinity itself has even been relegated as a mere "doctrine," rather than the relational divine circle of other-giving love: the eternal party of Father, Son and Holy Spirit into which we have been fully plunged and united. There are plenty of sermons and pep talks on "how" to serve and worship God ... but it's time to rediscover "Who" this God actually is.

*Have bread and wine on hand when you watch*

How to access videos

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