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New Birth Video Series

New Birth Video Series

$ 25.00

Reframing the New Birth

Creation From Incarnation

Over the course of three sessions, dive into the mystery of the new birth. In the incarnation, God's movement into humanity, is our movement into the very being of God. It is not about our faith, but the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. It is time to reframe our modern Western understanding of the "saved and unsaved" and the so-called "born again" transaction. The outsiders have become insiders in Christ. This is not a possibility, but the truth of our Gospel declaration. If you're ready to frame "salvation" itself Christologically (and shed some humanistic do-in-yourself mindsets), then hop onboard for these three transformative sessions! **Warning: this may go against every "born-again evangelical" bone in your body ... yet it is oh so divine!

Teachings in this video series include:

Born from Above
Christ the New Man

John also prays for the sick in this series, and you will also share the eucharistic meal together
Have bread and wine
on hand when you watch

How to access videos

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