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Tijuana Gospel Intensive

Tijuana Gospel Intensive

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Recovering the Gospel Wonder

John Crowder coming to Tijuana, Mexico

Today the church is on a journey of deconstruction from man-made religious concepts. But the way forward is not more human invention. It is found in a recovery of the ancient Gospel, handed down from the early fathers and mothers of the faith. The truth is not a set of doctrinal principles, but a Person. Jesus Christ is perfect theology. There is a relational, mystical and experiential walk of communion where our eyes are open to the One who has always been united to us ... even when we didn't know it. We are awakening from the religious lies of separation, guilt, fear and shame. The incarnation of Jesus Christ has woven humanity into the very life of the Trinity by grace. It is not a message of "our faith" but His faithfulness. Even our ability to believe is a gift of hearing this accomplished fact. Jesus came not to save us from a legalistic Father, but to display and enact the Father's love by rescuing us from the decay of sin and death, adopting us into the divine family.

John Crowder will spend three days in Tijuana, Mexico exploring themes of grace, union, identity and the Trinitarian life, inviting us into a deeper walk of contemplative wonder where our hearts burn within us.

About this Event:
Date: February 23-25, 2024
Times: 7 p.m. Fri. // 2 & 7 p.m. Sat. // 12 p.m. Sun.
Venue: Iglesia Espejo (Church), Tijuana
Location: Link to Map

*This is a FREE event! Registration is not required.

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